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Does your current health insurance have you taking a lot of risk??? 🤔😲😬

Have you heard of Carie Health? 🤔

Let Telehealth lsupplement your current plan and lower that risk!! $49 a month gets a family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (up to 5) 24/7 virtual care! Only $29 for an individual!

🚫No Co-pays
🚫No driving to the Dr. office
🚫No WAITING for the Dr to see you

♦️An average of 14-25 min from the time you schedule your appointment to the time you are seeing the provider.

♦️Perscriptions can be ordered

♦️You can upload medical files, so no matter who you are seeing, they know your history.
I'll post my link below 👇 feel free to reach out