I'm presuming you haven't been here for a short time.

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If Jad is the one thing you'll ever use Eagle kite for, it's really not worth it. There are loads of benefits better than CLS. I would not be using it for Jad, definitely for other things. I already have a rapier, by the way. That is why I was hoping to RuneScape gold decide on the cls. If its not that much better than a rapier when it comes to bossing I can get it after the protector.

Hey guys - I know there is a load of those sort of threads, I used to answer them myself some time ago, but I honestly don't have a clue what's happening, what changes have occurred, what is good/bad/nooby etc.. Only read through the rest of what I have written, it makes no sense. .

So I just bought membership a few days back, persuaded by a friend along with the Mad May matter, and when I actually got on to some members world I realised I did not have any idea what to do. Ever since that time I've done the mandatory farming functions, slayer assignments and clue scrolls - but now I am really running out of stuff to do in the other three and a half weeks of this membership period.

So any suggestions on what could be a fantastic idea to train, any minigames to attempt or just anything that is fun/rewarding to do on RS members today. There is so much new armour and a few new weapons in general today, I do not know what is adequate for my own level and exactly what I need to be using for slayer and general combat stuff (80 Att, 83 Str, 75 Def, 81 HP). In case you guys could indicate something that I could buy then that'd be great; I have 50m cash but I'd rather not spend a lot of.

And finally I'm looking for a few abilities to train to 99 or just a higher level, but idk what I can train without spending lots of money for no more recurrence, what's reasonable paying etc.. My skills should still be in my signature, if not then I will add asap. However, there are a couple really nice things you ought to get. I'm presuming you haven't been here for a short time.

Chaotic rapier. Most chaotic weapons are the most powerful in buy RS gold their class. Bandos chestplate and tassets. Slimming in cost, these are usually go-to items if you've got some cash. 12M for one piece, 12M for another. They provide a strength and prayer bonus.