How to Prevent Washer Motor from Burning out

How to Prevent Washer Motor from Burning out


Washer Motor continue to develop in high power density, energy saving, environmental protection (low noise), which also determines that variable speed motors will become mainstream motors. In particular, variable frequency motors and brushless motors are favored by more and more users due to their advantages of reliable structure, convenient control, high efficiency and low noise.

With time going by, the demand for environmentally-friendly and intelligent washing machines is also increasing. As the main driving force of washing machines, the performance of washer motors must be continuously improved. At present, there are two main types of washing machines popular in the domestic market: pulsator and drum type washing machines.

Sometimes, washer motor will be burned, and the method for preventing burning of washing machine NanYang Motor

1. Wash the weight of dry clothes. Do not exceed the rated capacity of the washing machine.

2,During operation, if the pulsator rotation is slowed down and the number of times the clothes are turned is reduced, some clothes should be taken out to reduce the load and return the pulsator speed to normal.

3. During the washing process, if an abnormal sound occurs, the power should be cut off in time to check the cause, and the abnormal sound should be eliminated before use.

4, when the washing machine is working, if you smell baking paint or burnt, you should cut off the power immediately, find out the cause, and use it after eliminating the malfunction.

5, after each use, the accumulated water in the machine should be removed and dried, and the water droplets on the outer surface of the washing machine should be dried. Place the ground and surrounding of the washing machine, keep it ventilated and dry, and protect the motor from moisture.

6, if there are conditions, An overcurrent protection circuit can be added. When the current reaches the limit value, the power supply is automatically cut off to protect the motor from being burnt.

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