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Say Hi! Record It! Share It! He grunts a little at me

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My first Unplugged video. I added the music because I felt like I was in Deliverance or something stocking people. LOL

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  • Unplugged is about you! We have become an anti-social society through the use of technology. Technology is awesome - I'm using it right now - but we hide behind it with texting, PM's and Emails. Get unplugged long enough to just say hi. We record it and share it with you to show the various reactions of people when we do say hi. We are also helping you with your business by showing you that it's okay to just say hi and start a conversation without selling. For some, and I was one, a switch gets turned on and we think that we can no longer talk to people. We develop a "recruiting" mentality. Don't get me wrong, recruiting is important -vital actually if you're in Network Marketing. But people don't want to be sold. Just say hi -let it go from there. It gets easier each time. I know, it was extremely hard for me at first too. Unplugged is about helping you remove the obstacle - you! Say Hi! Record It! Share It! Help others bre